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The Catalyst for Change: A Vision for More

His success in securing settlements initially defined Mike's legal career. He was adept at navigating the complexities of personal injury and workers' compensation cases, ensuring his clients received timely and fair resolutions. However, beneath the surface of these accomplishments, Mike felt a persistent tug towards the courtroom—a belief that through trial, he could unlock even more significant victories for those he represented. "I knew if I tried them, I could get a much better result for my client," he shares, reflecting on the motivation that drove him to seek out and complete the Trial Lawyers College course.

Embracing Transformation at the Trial Lawyers College

The Trial Lawyers College offers attorneys like Mike an unparalleled opportunity for growth. Unlike traditional bar CLE programs, TLC emphasizes acquiring legal skills and cultivating a lawyer's authenticity and emotional intelligence. Through a rigorous curriculum that blends trial skills with personal development, Mike learned to navigate the courtroom with newfound confidence and the ability to tell his clients' stories with compelling authenticity.

The Courage to Ask: Changing the Game in Legal Advocacy

One of the pivotal moments in Mike's journey was his participation in the TLC "Courage to Ask" program. This specialized training equips attorneys with the tools to confidently address the demand for financial compensation—a crucial aspect of civil litigation that many attorneys find challenging. The program's impact was profound, enabling Mike and his team to secure a landmark $5 million settlement in a case initially pegged at a $30,000 policy. This victory underscored the transformative potential of targeted legal education and Mike’s new ability to ask for the money.

Continuous Learning: The Key to Professional Growth

Mike's story is a powerful endorsement of the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and expertise. TLC's array of interactive CLE programs—spanning interactive online courses, interactive in-person workshops, and specialized training courses and events—ensures that attorneys can stay abreast of the latest developments in the legal field, meet their CLE requirements, and continually refine their practice. This commitment to continuing legal education is essential in a profession that constantly evolves in response to new legal challenges, technological advancements, and societal shifts.

Sharing Wisdom: From Student to Faculty

The journey from law student to law teacher is a testament to Mike's profound personal and professional transformation. As a faculty member at TLC, he now imparts the wisdom, strategies, and techniques instrumental in his growth and law, fostering a new generation of trial lawyers equipped to advocate with skill, passion, and authenticity.

The Power of Unlimited Access to Legal Knowledge

TLC's comprehensive and engaging suite of courses and library of resources offers lawyers nationwide unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge. From engaging online CLE courses that allow for learning at one's own pace to engaging complete courses and in-person events, courses that foster deep connections, and courses that support hands-on practice, attorneys have the tools and support they need to excel in their field and make a meaningful impact on the lives of their clients.

A Notable Reflection

Reflecting on his transformative experience, Mike offers this insight to attorneys: "No one else can tell your client's complete story better than you can, and of course, no one else is going to tell your client's complete story on that day in court. It's your job, and TLC will help you do it." This powerful statement encapsulates the essence of Trial Lawyers College's mission—to empower attorneys to be their most authentic selves, thereby achieving the best outcomes for their clients.

The Enduring Value of Continuous Legal Education

Mike Smith's journey from a successful settlement-focused lawyer to a triumphant trial attorney highlights the critical role of further courses and continuing legal education courses in the legal profession. The Trial Lawyers College stands apart from law schools as a beacon for those seeking courses to enhance their legal practice, offering various courses and programs that not only enhance a lawyer's education in law, but also delve deep into the personal growth necessary for true professional excellence.

For attorneys inspired by Mike's story and eager to embark on their transformation journey, the path to professional, team, and personal growth awaits.

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Ready to transform your legal practice and make a lasting impact on the lives of your clients? Register now for the Trial Skills Foundation Course and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential as a trial lawyer. Join us online at the Trial Lawyers College and begin your journey toward professional excellence and personal growth.

Trial Lawyers College
April 1, 2024

Voir dire, interrogating jurors by legal counsel is foundational to a fair trial. This article unpacks the voir dire process—how it screens for bias and why it is pivotal for justice. Read on to gain insights into this essential legal procedure. We also want to encourage you to learn more about how the TLC Method can help you master voir dire!

Trial Lawyers College
March 25, 2024

In an ever-evolving legal landscape, staying at the forefront of legal knowledge and practice is not just an option but a necessity. This is where legal continuing education online comes into play. But what exactly does continuing legal education mean? How does it impact the professional growth of attorneys? And how can one navigate the diverse range of online CLE courses and CLE programs available today?

This comprehensive guide delves into these questions, offering a deep dive into the world of continuing legal education. It explores the significance of CLE credit, the rules governing CLE, and the benefits of unlimited access to online CLE courses. From the requirements set by the Florida Bar and the American Bar Association to the specific CLE rules in jurisdictions like West Virginia, New York, California, New Jersey, and all others, this article provides a panoramic view of the CLE landscape.

Whether you're a seasoned attorney seeking to enhance your practice or a law student curious about the path ahead, this article promises to be an engaging and informative read. So, are you ready to unlock your professional growth with legal continuing education online? Let's dive in.

Trial Lawyers College
March 4, 2024

Imagine stepping into the courtroom, your heart beating with anticipation yet steadied by confidence. This isn't just a fleeting daydream but a reality for attorney Mike Smith, a dedicated personal injury and workers' compensation attorney from Atlanta, Georgia. His transformative journey with the Trial Lawyers College (TLC) has reshaped his approach to law and professional identity.


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