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In Defense of the Damned - 2024

Trial Skills Taught
Voir Dire, Opening Statement, Cross Examination

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Round Top Festival Institute

Round Top, Texas

Sep 7th-14th, 2024

This week-long TLC course at the Festival Institute in Roundtop, TX from Sept. 7-14, 2024, will equip you with the critical skills you need for all phases of your most difficult trials, where everything is on the line for LIFE, DEATH AND FREEDOM.

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Graduate Course II - 2024

Trial Skills Taught
Storytelling in all Phases of the Trial, Story Structure

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YMCA of the Rockies

Estes Park, Colorado

Sep 21st-28th, 2024

Graduate Course II is the perfect course for you if you are a TLC graduate who wants to take your trial skills to the next level, learn how to craft and present compelling stories that can win over any jury, and join a community of passionate and creative trial lawyers who are committed to justice.

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The Courage To Ask™

Trial Skills Taught
Voir Dire and Closing Statement

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The Inn at Serenbe

Palmetto, Georgia

Oct 20th-25th, 2024

Do you have the courage to ask for the money? Learn to use your unfiltered, authentic self to obtain larger verdicts for your clients. Be the Warrior to ask for the justice your client's case deserves -- not the justice the defense thinks is adequate.

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Discover The Secrets of Phenomenal Trial Results

Courses at the Trial Lawyers College are like no other CLE.  All are taught by a volunteer lawyer faculty who have all graduated from the College and who collectively have hundreds of years of experience using the TLC methods to obtain phenomenal results for their clients both in Civil Plaintiff cases and Criminal Defense.  Supported by TLC-trained licensed psychodramatists and experts in Communication Arts, each course provides hands-on tools to help achieve justice for your clients.   Participants work in small groups, on their feet, three sessions per day.  Students work on their own cases and must come prepared to work.

Each weekend or week-long program throughout the year and at venues across the country will focus on a targeted trial skill or skills and with a special focus:  a Seminar for Women Trial Lawyers, Finding the Courage to Ask for the Money in Plaintiff cases, Trial-skill specific weekend courses, and programs specially designed for graduates of the College.  Every course begins with psychodrama .  Every course teaches at least one trial skill.  Every course teaches that trial skills in each phase of your trials are only part of being a force in the courtroom. The trial lawyer’s true  power originates from within.  At every TLC program, students have the opportunity to rediscover their inner voice and build the confidence to try their cases with all of the love and compassion and credibility that their clients deserve.


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3-week College

The three-week college is TLC’s flagship course. Scheduled for June 1st, 2024 at the United World College in Montezuma, New Mexico, from start to finish, this comprehensive program dissects courtroom procedures with painstaking detail to provide hands-on tools toward achieving justice for your clients.

Trial skills are only part of being a force in the courtroom. The trial lawyer’s power originates from within. Knowledge of oneself gives the lawyer the capability to know others and to connect with each person in the courtroom including the witnesses, the judge, and the jurors. The power of TLC’s methods come alive through creative, spontaneous, outside-the-box innovations that capture juries and move them to justice.

This three-week college is led by a team of TLC-trained and experienced trial lawyers, certified and licensed psychodramatists, and communication experts who work with students, in small groups, on their own cases. This course is not about listening to lectures, or hearing about how an instructor would try your case – this course is about helping the students to find their own voice so they can try their cases with their own integrity and credibility.

Come join us. Learn how to win your cases with TLC’s methods. Meet new trial lawyers who will become life-long friends. Become reacquainted with the person you were before you started law school – before the system wore you down. Connect with a tribe of trial lawyers who want nothing more than to win justice for those who are lost, forgotten, injured and damned.

The next 3-Week College is now open for applicants, and will be held at the United World College in Montezuma, New Mexico.


What People Are Saying About
The 3-Week College

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Todd Hollis shares his incredible journey at Trial Lawyers College

"It's been a great experience being here and seeing all the wonderful staff and camaraderie that you share with the other students from all over the country."

Meet Sarah Mather, an attorney practicing in Connecticut, currently immersed in the three-week Trial Lawyers College program.

"I knew that this was a place where I could learn how to storytel; I experienced psychodramas and reenactments, And now I see the magic in it, and I can't wait to go home and start working with my clients."

Meet Rafe Foreman, currently at Montezuma's Castle in Montezuma, New Mexico, during the second week of the three-week Trial Lawyers College program.

"TLC allows us a window into our soul that may have been closed. And when we go and peer into that window of our soul, and we honor and recall the experiences we've had in our life, change occurs."

Meet Matt from Iowa, who is wrapping up an incredible three-week journey at the Trial Lawyers College.

"Learning how to try a case and learning from people that have gone through it and are some of the best in the field is really important. And then that's exactly the opportunity I've had here now at TLC for three weeks."

Attending the three-week Trial Lawyers College in Montezuma, New Mexico, Linda Tran is experiencing something extraordinary.

"TLC has many attorneys to give you the best opinions and their experiences. It's been a life-changing journey like no other Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event."

Ethan Hargreaves, a dedicated attorney from Chattanooga, Tennessee, embarked on an inspiring journey at the Trial Lawyers College (TLC).

"I got a little sense of what it could be like if I could truly see my clients' perspective and tell that story from a genuine place. And so that's why I came, and I was not disappointed."

7-Step Certification Program

The 7-Step Certification Program offered by the Trial Lawyers College provides an alternative pathway for lawyers to graduate without attending the traditional three-week College. To qualify for this program, participants must attend seven seminars within a span of five years, with the Trial Skills Foundation Seminar being one of the first three seminars attended. Following the third seminar, interested individuals can notify the Registrar and submit an 850-word essay for review by the Executive Director and select members of the TLC Board of Directors. The program maintains rigorous acceptance criteria, similar to the three-week course, but offers participants the flexibility of completing their training within a longer timeframe.

Established in 2006, the 7-Step Certification Program has seen more than 55 lawyers graduate from its ranks, compared to over 2000 lawyers who have completed the three-week course since the inception of the Trial Lawyers College in 1994. Each seminar within the program focuses on teaching specific trial skills, ranging from discovering the story and conducting voir dire to delivering powerful opening statements, effective direct and cross examinations, and compelling closing arguments. Additionally, participants have the option to choose from a selection of eight-day seminars tailored to different legal specializations and two graduate seminars that delve into the creative aspects of courtroom presentation and case structuring.

By providing an alternative pathway to graduation, the 7-Step Certification Program accommodates lawyers seeking a flexible training schedule while upholding the College's commitment to developing exceptional trial lawyers who are dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

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