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The Need-Based Aid Philosophy


At the Trial Lawyers College, we are committed to making high-quality legal education and trial skills improvement accessible to all lawyers. Our financial assistance program aims to support attorneys in their pursuit of continuing education credits and the enhancement of trial skills. We firmly believe in providing fairness and equity to our participants, evaluating their financial circumstances to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to benefit from our unique programs.

Through our need-based aid program, the Trial Lawyers College offers financial aid in the form of no-interest payment plans and /or scholarships to a significant number of attorneys seeking to improve their trial skills. Our scholarships help cover a portion of the program's cost, allowing participants to focus on enhancing their abilities without financial strain. We understand that financing continuing education can be a consideration, and our experienced team is dedicated to helping lawyers create a workable financial plan tailored to their individual needs.

At the Trial Lawyers College, we go beyond traditional legal education by providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. Our programs focus on practical trial skills development and communication arts, empowering lawyers to become more effective advocates in the courtroom. We believe that true power in trial practice comes from within, and our unique approach enables participants to rediscover their inner voice, build confidence, and deliver their cases with authenticity, compassion, and credibility.

Experience the Trial Lawyers College difference. Join us for our transformative programs and discover how our financial assistance options can make your journey to trial skills excellence even more accessible.

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