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    Women's Retreat with Cyndy Short Cyndy Short- 1994 graduate and former board member of the Trial Lawyers College, Cyndy Short, explains the importance and reasons for TLC having a Women’s Regional Seminar. Cyndy details the experiences from last year’s seminar while highlighting some of the staff included in this year's Women’s Regional Seminar at Scarritt Bennett in Nashville, TN on February 22-25, 2024.

    Balance with Zulfikar Wafai Welcome to the TLC Podcast Zulfikar Wafai, Rafe Foreman’s first intern in 2011 and public defender in Golden, Colorado. Zulfikar discusses his firm stances on work life balance and how being the best version of himself, personally and professionally, creates the environment to thrive.

    Bigger and Better with Becky Barlow Introducing Becky Barlow, graduate of Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, as she takes on the mantle of Executive Director of the Trial Lawyers College. Listen as Rafe extends a welcome from the TLC tribe to Becky as we hear about her law career journey.

    Emotionally Open with Carlos Concepcion Trial Lawyer and Law Professor at American International Law School in Puerto Rico, Carlos Concepcion, details his experience as host for the recent Trial Lawyers College case consult in Puerto Rico. Carlos goes deep into the processes starting at the warm up, all the way to identifying the villain.

    A Giving Tribe with Jason Sosa 2017 graduate and faculty member, Jason Sosa, describes his recent transition from criminal defense to more civil trial work. Jason elaborates on how supportive and giving the Trial Lawyers College tribe is; also, a recent case consult purchased through TLC fundraising.

    Emotional Impact with Matthew Sahag 2023 TLC graduate Matthew Sahag from Des Moines, Iowa, shares his experience with a recent case consult in Puerto Rico purchased through TLC fundraising. Matthew details his journey that lead to the Trial Lawyers College and how the methods he’s learned there have shaped his practice.

    TLC Case Consult for Matthew Sahag in Puerto Rico Matt Sahag meets with Rafe Foreman, Paula Estefan, Ron Estefan, and Susan Hutchison in Puerto Rico for a TLC auctioned case consult. Carlos Conception hosted the group where they discussed the importance and impact of digging into the story and connections about Matt's case. Listen as the group performing the consult breaks down the process and the highlight moments they experienced.

    Tribal Update with Rafe Foreman TLC Podcast host, Rafe Foreman, gives an invitation regarding podcast guest appearances, TLC board membership and permanent TLC location importance. Rafe offers information and guidance regarding the improvement of the health of the Trial Lawyers College.

    Being Real with Bret Merkle 2000.2 TLC graduate, Bret Merkle, talks to us about being real and connecting with emotions that motivate behavior. Bret goes over his story of finding purpose in focusing on others and finding joy with the goal of staying there.

    Sympathetic Experiences with Brecken Wagner Brecken Wagner, 2016 TLC graduate, expounds on the criminal law system in Oklahoma and its tribal courts. Brecken explains the recent Supreme Court decision that has created new tribal courts, starting proceedings, and creating laws for the first time.

    Hate and Anger with Benjamin Bunn Benjamin Bunn joins us to discuss hate and anger and the motivations and reactions we have when we encounter them. Listen as Ben takes us through some of the feelings and emotions we go through as we experience situations charged with hate and anger in this episode of the TLC podcast.

    Preparation and Methods with Gina Downes 2015 TLC graduate Gina Downes details her experiences being introduced to TLC Methods and her early presumptions around what a lawyer should be. Gina tells us about the preparation and skills that helped her enter the profession straight out of college with confidence and experience from TLC.

    The Beginner's Mind with Andy Rubenstein 2005 TLC graduate, Andy Rubenstein, talks about his experiences as a teacher and student at previous TLC events. Andy discusses the benefits and reasons behind his self care and wellness focus that keeps him energized and fighting for clients. “Stay curious”.

    Preservation for Plaintiffs with Dirk Weeks Dirk Weeks, and his company, help develop strategies and recommend plans for plaintiff’s lawyers for clients in settlements. Hear how Dirk helps clients get the most out of settlements with structured annuities using tax conscious tactics.

    Mental Health Training with Render Freeman 2015 Graduate, Render Freeman, brings us his recent experience with psychodrama training in New York. Render also details his current work with counselors and why trial lawyers should be in regular therapy.

    Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury for Over 26 years with Trey Jones Trey Jones of Post, TX, experienced an oilfield accident in 1997 and describes the resulting medical issues that followed. Hear Trey’s journey as he experienced amnesia, embarrassment, and recovery from his traumatic brain injury over 26 years ago.

    Case Consult in Lubbock, TX with Mike Smith, Mike Watson and Ron Estefan Assemble! TLC graduates Mike Smith, Mike Watson, and Ron Estefan join Rafe Foreman in Lubbock, TX for a case consult auctioned at a recent TLC event. Hear the benefits and techniques they used in front of live jurors to hone their statements and discover the story that motivates them.

    Relatable Humanity with Andrew Pickett Recent TLC graduate, Andrew Pickett, describes his early experiences with TLC, psychodrama, and the hurdles of starting his own firm while detailing his last few trials. Andrew explains the power of being his authentic self and the genuine concern of human life in the court room.

    Trusted and Inspired with Grace Reed Grace Reed discusses her first legal jobs and the differences between big law firm jobs and small clerking jobs, like her current internship. Listen as Grace describes her unique experiences and the dynamics of a TLC influenced firm.

    Empathic Connections with Lauren Checki 2023 TLC Graduate, Lauren Checki, details her recent experience at the 3 Week Course and how those experiences have impacted and shaped her practice. Lauren then details the work her firm does with business and home owners to sue insurance companies.