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Board Member Eligibility

On July 25, 2022, the Trial Lawyers College Board of Directors created staggered term limits for all board members. Board members can serve up to a maximum of two terms of four years each for a maximum service to the College as a board member of no more than eight years.

If you are interested in serving the Trial Lawyers College in this capacity, please email our Executive Director at

TLC Board Members with provisions for new board members in 2024 and 2025. 4 year terms:

2022, July - 2024, July:
John Sloan, Milton Grimes, Maren Chaloupka, JR Clary, Dana Cole, Eric Davis, Francisco Duarte, Ann Johnson, Anne Valentine

2024, July - 2025, July:
John Sloan, Maren Chaloupka, JR Clary, Eric Davis, Francisco Duarte, Ann Johnson and 3 new board members yet to be elected

2025, July - 2026, July:
Eric Davis, Francisco Duarte, Ann Johnson, 3 board members elected in 2024 and 3 new board members yet to be elected

As required by TLC Bylaws, Article 4, Section D, Subsection 3, the TLC Board of Directors is to be a working Board. Thus, individuals selected to serve as a TLC Director must have the qualities required to assist the Board in its work. The qualities to be considered in selecting an individual to serve on the TLC Board of Directors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The candidate must demonstrate, both in practice and in life, a commitment to the TLC Mission Statement principles.
  2. The candidate must be trustworthy and honest.
  3. The candidate must be respected in the TLC community.
  4. The candidate must have demonstrated leadership skills and leadership experience.
  5. The candidate must be a TLC graduate with extensive TLC experience and must be well versed in the TLC methods.
  6. The candidate will be subject to and willing to embrace the diversity considerations set forth with specificity in the TLC Mission Statement and adopted in Article II-D.
  7. The candidate must be a trial lawyer, and should have broad trial experience in the candidates chosen areas of practice consistent with the TLC Mission Statement.
  8. The candidate must have demonstrated their commitment to TLC through their devoted attendance at TLC functions, providing such support as may have been previously requested by TLC.
  9. The candidate must be willing to speak their own mind and take adversarial positions, without personal attacks on others. However, should the Board adopt a view at odds with the position taken by the candidate, that individual must thereafter be willing to work in a supportive way to advance the goals and direction of TLC as confirmed by a vote of the Board of Directors.
  10. The candidate must be a loyal WARRIOR who will work to protect the interests of the TLC Tribe.
  11. The candidate must demonstrate that they have the time and motivation to be a working member of the TLC Board of Directors; they must be willing to accept committee assignments and such other special assignments as needed, and be able to attend such Board Meetings and Conferences as they may be scheduled.
  12. The candidate must be willing to model financial support for TLC with such personal contributions as their income can support (to include becoming a Sustaining Member and purchasing a subscription to The Warrior during their term of service on the Board of Directors) and/or with direct and enthusiastic assistance in fundraising.
  13. The candidate must be committed to psychodrama, the foundation of TLC’s methods. This includes regular participation in psychodrama at TLC programs, and the candidate must have participated as a protagonist.

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