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F-Warrior Alumni

F-Warrior Alumni

The Trial Lawyers College is a community of like-minded trial lawyers from across the country who join together to learn and practice the innovative TLC methods by doing, not suffering through endless lectures. Along the way, connections are made and friendships are forged that reward participants in unimaginable ways. The Alumni of the College have been traditionally known as F-Warriors. The F Warrior Alumni Board, consisting of graduates from the 3-week College and serving 10 different TLC Regions, works throughout the year to keep the TLC tribe together, connected, and supporting one-another. The F-Warrior Board is the linking liaison between the College and our ever-growing Tribe of F-Warriors, an integral component of Trial Lawyers College. If you are a 3-week or 7-Step graduate, please join the F Warriors at their annual winter retreat the 2nd weekend in November. For more information on this alumni retreat, please visit the F Warrior Alumni website: https://www.fwarriors.com/meet-the-alumni

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F-Warrior Alumni Core Values

The mission of the F Warriors is to nurture and facilitate the personal and professional growth, connection, communication, education, and development of Trial Lawyers College alumni.

We do so by strengthening our member relationships through local working groups, the F Warrior Annual Retreat, and ongoing education and training sponsored by the Trial Lawyers College. The F Warrior Board will continue to encourage the F Warrior members to support the innovation and advancement of the TLC training methods for trial lawyers.

The F Warrior Board shall represent and promote the collective and independent voice of the Trial Lawyers College alumni in all matters affecting the greater F Warrior tribe. In turn, the F Warriors, through its Board, will support and collaborate with the Trial Lawyers College to support its mission of educating and training trial lawyers.

F-Warrior Alumni Board Qualifications

Be a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College with an active trial practice and a demonstrated loyalty to the College’s Mission Statement and that of the F Warrior Alumni Association.

Commit to attend one TLC Seminar every year of your board service, preferably Trial Skills Foundation, in order to help you “work on the horse”, maintain your connection to the College, and hone your directing skills. We also ask all F Warrior Board members to attend the F Warrior Annual Meeting over the 2nd weekend in November.

Support the alumni in your respective TLC region in a variety of unique and creative ways that help keep them connected to the College and to each other including facilitating and or participating in alumni Local Working Groups in that region.

Through the alumni network in your respective TLC region, identify and recommend at least one educational article for each quarterly issue of the Warrior magazine.

Support TLC and help identify future alumni by participating in the F Warrior Ambassador program through invited complimentary attendance at TLC Seminars.


F-Warrior Alumni Board Members

President: Emily Benight, ethomasjd@gmail.com
Past President: Jerry Perry, jerrywperry@gmail.com
President Elect: Amanda Harber, amanda.harber@gmail.com
John Carrol: Treasurer, john@watsoncarroll.com
Megan Dunn: Secretary, megan@mmpowers.com

Region 1
Amanda Harber, amanda.harber@gmail.com
Megan Dunn, megan@mmpowers.com

Region 2
Tamara Chellam York, tchellam@gmail.com
Eric Ganci, eric@ganciesq.com

Region 3
Jason Warham, jason@phnxfire.us
Nicci Unsicker, Nicci@unsickerlaw.com

Region 4
Cambry McNabb, mcnabbcambry@gmail.com
Jason Sosa, Jason.p.sosa@gmail.com

Region 5
Kenny Adair, kennyadair@hotmail.com
Shyanne Riddle, shyanne@maymckinneylaw.com

Region 6
Chuck Bentjen, chuck@nejustice.com
Justine Finney, justinefg@gmail.com

Region 7
Bob Klingler, rak@klinglerlaw.com
Matthew Mollica, mmollica@splaws.com

Region 8
Andrew Delaney, andrew@martinassociateslaw.com
Scott Strauss, scottstrauss66@gmail.com

Region 9
Ian Anthony, mr.iananthony@gmail.com
Kathleen Shell, kathleen@patrickjmclain.com

Region 10
Scott Cohen, scottcohenatl@gmail.com
David Zagoria, david@lawzagoria.com

September 2021 Class Reps:
Shyanne Riddle, shyanne@maymckinneylaw.com
Rena Ayazi, ayazi47@gmail.com

September 2022 Class Rep:
Rachel Scott, rachel@scottlawseattle.com

June 2023 Class Rep:
Tamer Abouras, tabouras@sloanfirm.com