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Frequently Asked Questions

Each course description will include the trial skills to be taught at each seminar. Some courses may offer more than one skill and our 3-Week College will offer all seven. Our skills taught include the following: Psychodrama Discovering the Story Voir Dire Opening Statement Direct Examination Cross Examination Closing Argument

Applicants to the Trial Lawyers College 3-Week Seminar are offered admission on a competitive basis. Admission decisions are made by the TLC Board of Directors based on the strength of the application and the overall pool of applicants competing for admission to that program. Key factors include trial experience, the 850-word essay, and character references. The Board is interested in learning as much as possible about applicants’ personal qualities and background, as well as their professional experience and goals. We do not invite or consider letters or emails of recommendation or other supplemental materials such as court decisions. The Board will learn everything it needs to know from the online application and essay. All admissions decisions are made at the same time, not on a rolling basis. Decisions are made approximately 5 weeks before the course to afford invitees ample time to make arrangements to be away from home and the office for 3 weeks. Applicants will be notified via e-mail of the board’s decision (accepted, declined, or placed on a waitlist). Requests for financial assistance are confidential and are not made known to the Board during the selection process. Requests will be considered if the applicant is accepted and chooses to attend the Seminar. Financial assistance at Trial Lawyers College is need-based and can include interest-free payment plans as well. See Financial Assistance Policy.
* 2024 is now CLOSED. Check back soon for 2025 information. *
An important tip when filling out an application for the 3-week College: The application asks applicants to state any criminal convictions, list 3 (non-family) references, state any need for financial assistance using the financial assistance application product, and provide an essay. Please have all of this information at hand before beginning the application. The Essay In 850 words or less, please tell us about yourself and why you want to attend the Trial Lawyers College 3-Week Seminar. For example, what life experiences have most shaped you? What is your greatest accomplishment; and what is your greatest loss? Please tell us about your dreams and your failures. We are not interested in the name of your law school, the clubs you belong to, your golf handicap, or your financial or social successes. We are interested in learning something about you, as a person. We want to know about your life goals as a trial lawyer, as well as what you hope to obtain from attending the Trial Lawyers College.

You can apply online by clicking on the 'Courses' tab, and then viewing the 'Course Catalogue'.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Given the high cost of providing courses at easily accessible venues nationwide and those venues’ strict cancellation policies, TLC has had to make changes to its cancellation policy. To lessen the impact of this change in policy on our tribe, we offer the following options: 
1. In the case where a student needs to cancel, they have 31 days prior to the course to cancel and receive a full refund. If it is after the 31-day deadline, to receive a full refund they may contact with the name of a replacement student who is prepared to take their place. This is especially important to cover the cost of the committed lodging. After the replacement student completes registration including full payment, a full refund will be processed. 
2. If no replacement is found for their reserved spot prior to the program, we will apply 50% of the paid tuition as a credit towards a future program, to be used within one year, and use the other 50% towards the unused lodging expense of the course cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact

All courses provided by the Trial Lawyers College are CLE-accredited by the state in which the course is held. Because each state requires different documentation, it is the student’s responsibility to apply for reciprocal CLE credit in the state (or states) in which the student practices law. Within 3-4 weeks after the student completes and submits the required online evaluation of the course attended, the Student Services Coordinator will e-mail the documents needed by students to apply for their CLE credits.

These documents will include the agenda, course information and materials (if any), a certificate of attendance, the CLE sign-in sheet, and any other documents obtained throughout the course. 

You can register online by visiting our "Course" page. Register as soon as possible to assure a place in the course(s) you want to attend. If you delay, the course may be full or the registration (or the application) deadline may have passed. 

Registrants will receive a confirmation notice via e-mail at the address provided during registration. Registration is not considered final until payment arrangements have been made with the Financial Officer.

Every effort is made to ensure that course information is accurate, however, changes or corrections may occur.  Please review the course catalogue here.

Registration is open to U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) who meet all of the following criteria:

1. The registrant is currently licensed to practice law in the United States

2. The registrant is a member in good standing of a State Bar
3. The registrant does not currently represent insurance companies, large corporations or governmental entities other than legal services or public defenders.
The Graduate 1 Course and Graduate 2 Course are restricted to Trial Lawyers College Alumni and those students graduating from the 7-Step Program.
* Note: Paralegals from qualifying law firms may attend the Trial Skills Foundation course (formerly titled ‘Psychodrama for Lawyers’) with a qualifying attorney from their firm with pre-approval from administrations. You can submit your request to

Trial Lawyers College knows that some trial lawyers may not currently have the funds needed to attend training on the TLC Method. In true F-Warrior fashion, many TLC Alumni have graciously donated funds to assist. The goal is to assist those who are truly in need and to make sure all get an equal chance at receiving assistance whether it be providing full tuition, half tuition, free lodging (if available) or a *payment plan.

How do I apply for financial assistance and what is the deadline to apply?
Financial assistance should be requested at the time you submit your registration or application by selecting the payment method  "Request Financial Assistance." One the registration/application is completed in full, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that we received your request. 

The TLC Course Assistance application process will include not just the typical questions but will also keep in line with the spirit of the TLC Method by asking for the applicant’s story. The application content will be kept confidential among the TLC Financial Assistance Committee and TLC administrative staff. 

Similar to some grant processes, applicants for assistance must provide employment status and employer name for previous 12 months; city and state (or region) in which they practice; average monthly income (from all sources) over the past 12 months; a statement of why assistance is needed; and how much assistance is needed. Applications will be reviewed 40 days prior to the course’s start date so assistance may be provided in sufficient time to allow travel plans and to also stay within the course’s venue contractual obligations. There may be occasions where last-minute application approval(s) become available. Those will be addressed in as timely a fashion as possible. A financial assistance package will be granted 40 days of receiving your final registration (or upon your acceptance of our invitation to attend the 3-week College). 

*A payment plan may be developed with the student and adminsitrative team for installment payments so that the full tuition is paid upon arrival at the course.

Will applying for financial assistance hurt my chance of being admitted to a course?
No. There is no disadvantage whatsoever in the registration process for financial aid applicants. Requests for financial aid are confidential and are not considered during the registration or application selection process.

How are is financial assistance funded?
Financial assistance funds are due to the generosity of our wonderful Alumni, the F-Warriors.  

For additional questions, please e-mail:

The 7-Step Certification Program was established in 2006 to offer an alternative way to graduate from the Trial Lawyers College. Since then, more than 70 lawyers have graduated from the program. Students can graduate from the Trial Lawyers College by completing 7 skill seminars within 5 years and then completing a Graduate Course. The 7 skills that will need to be completed are:
1. Intro to Psychodrama
2. Discovering the Story
3. Voir Dire
4. Opening Statement
5. Direct Examination
6. Cross-Examination
7. Closing Argument
Intro to Psychodrama must be one of the first three skills learned. This is specific to the Trial Skills Foundation Course. The other trial skills can be completed in any order. If there are 2 skills taught at a seminar, only 1 may be applied toward completing a skill. The Student Services Coordinator will help you track which skills are completed and which ones need completion.

We offer two graduate seminars: Graduate Course 1 or Graduate Course 2, which are not sequential but rather curriculum focus. Only Alumni can attend these seminars, so be prepared to be immersed in the TLC methodology.
Graduate Course 1 focuses on the theatre arts as they apply in the courtroom including body language, voice, movement, creativity, spontaneity, and having fun with your practice.
Graduate Course 2 focuses on teaching how to structure the story of your client's cases.

You begin the process by attending 1-3 Trial Lawyers College Seminars. Trial Skills Foundation must be one of the first 3 seminars you attend to qualify for consideration for the 7-Step Program.

After attending Trial Skills Foundation you will complete the following:
1. Notify the Registrar with a statement of interest
2. Complete the application
3. Submit an 850-word essay at the end of the application
4. The criteria for your acceptance to this program will be as stringent as for the 3-week program, it simply grants you more flexibility in time (5 years) to complete your training. You will be notified via e-mail of the decision (accepted or declined).

In 850 words or less, please tell us about yourself and why you want to complete the Trial Lawyers College 7-Step Program. For example, what life experiences have most shaped you?  What is your greatest accomplishment; and what is your greatest loss? Please tell us about your dreams and your failures. We are not interested in the name of your law school, the clubs you belong to, your golf handicap, or your financial or social successes. We are interested in learning something about you, as a person. We want to know about your life goals as a trial lawyer, as well as what you hope to obtain from attending the Trial Lawyers College.

For additional questions, please e-mail us at


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