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    Comprehensive Staff Training with Kimberly Benjamin Kimberly Benjamin discusses the importance of experience and training staff in TLC methods within a mid-sized law firm without losing focus on clients. Listen as she describes the advice she received as a business owner and her success in training her...

    Mitigation Factors with Justine Finney Missouri public defender, Justine Finney, explains her unique situation during her transfer out of death penalty case division. Listen as she details the connections between her clients when death or life without parole is a possible outcome in their...

    Reversal of Indignity with Bill Trine Bill Trine, one of the original Trial Lawyers College founders, details his previous casework with detainees and immigrants during their detention in various U.S. prisons and penitentiaries. Hear Bill Trine as he details the long history of...

    The Power Within with Todd Kelly We all wrestle with demons. The power within is the power to overcome them. Todd Kelly describes his recent book titled “The Power Within”, the story of a pivotal moment in his life in which he struggled with a suicide attempt and the...

    A Dab Will Do with Maureen Farrell One-time TLC course attendee Maureen Farrell shares her personal experiences and growing understanding of psychodrama ignited by a one week TLC course last year in Colorado. Listen as she expands on TLC skills and techniques she’s learned from just...

    Trial Skills Foundation with Max Mitchell Listen here to TLC's podcast, with host Rafe Foreman, visiting with Trial Skills Foundation Faculty Member Max Mitchell about the importance of the Public Defender, a position Max recently left to open a solo criminal defense practice in Sedalia,...

    TLC Seminars and Courses by Patrick McLain Patrick McLain joins us to elaborate on his experiences with all the Trial Lawyers College courses and encourage others to participate in upcoming events with TLC staff. Patrick goes over each course coming up in 2023 and helps detail the planning,...

    You Look Fine to Me (Neuro-diversity in indigent defendants) Come and listen to Kim Savo's excellent podcast on neuro-diversity and how we as lawyers need to educate ourselves for representation of clients who fall in this category.

    Treat Everyone Well by Emily Fisher Public defender Emily Fisher shares her unique perspective of the broken indigent defense system and offers her unique insight into solutions, including the value of community.

    Colby Vokey - High Stakes Colby Vokey tells the gripping story around his current military case and his use of TLC methods to discover and relay his case.

    Child Custody Drama - Amanda Harber Using the TLC methods of role reversal, doubling, and psychodrama to enrich and deepen the connection for parents who have suffered the loss of their children at the hands of the government, please come and listen while Amanda Harber teaches us.

    To Vaccinate Or Not? That is often the question. Simina is uniquely qualified to utilize psychodrama as a certified psychodramatist and in this episode, she not only employs the TLC methods, but gives us a substantive look into the world of the Vaccine court.

    Character Flaws - Ken Turek   

    Be Yourself - Harry Daniels III Harry Daniels III splits his time between civil and criminal trials. Listen as he tells you his insights on how to get to know your client better as well as finding your own powerful voice as an advocate.

    Putting Your Client First - Joy Bertrand Joy Bertrand explains her personal journey to withholding judgment of a client who has made poor decisions. The result was a connection that moved her to tears. Stay tuned and give a listen.

    Class Act - Jason Sosa Felony chief public defender Jason Sosa recounts the value of TLC methods in training young aspiring trial lawyers in the correct way to practice law including jail cell reenactments and role reversals with members of his community.  

    The Power of Story - Brianne van Reenen Listen as Brianne, a professional storyteller, author, and book publisher discusses the power of connection and story.

    Becoming Necessary Jerry Perry, past F Warrior President, invites you to learn about yourself, your authenticity, and your uniqueness. Listen while he explains the power contained therein.

    Fred in My Head Come and listen to Joe Fried, TLC grad of 2002 who has worked on cases in 40 states in the US, as he talks about fear, a.k.a. "Fred in my head", and imparts his wisdom and insightful methods of turning the voices and fear down a level or two. 

    Eric Davis: Don't Give Up, Get Better! Eric Davis, our newest TLC Board Member, shares his wisdom, his leadership, and a few personal stories which add up to the greatest piece of advice I have yet to hear on this podcast.  Don't give up, get better!