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    New and Vulnerable with Lydia Hanson Lydia Hanson, fresh from her inaugural experience at a Trial Lawyers College event, shares how the encounter profoundly transformed both her legal practice and personal life. Lydia delves into the unique aspects of the event, from sharing a room with a fellow attendee to engaging deeply in psychodrama techniques, and participating in intensive, topic-focused sessions. Join us as she explores the significant impact these experiences had on her approach to law and her understanding of herself.

    Voice for the Vulnerable with Austin Kaplan In this enlightening episode, we welcome Austin Kaplan, a dedicated employment and civil rights attorney based in Austin, TX, and a long-time listener, first-time caller to our podcast. Austin discusses his work spanning breach of contract, overtime violations, and civil rights cases. He shares his journey of learning and gathering insights from the TLC community, emphasizing how the wisdom from the tribe enhances his practice and advocacy. Tune in to hear how Austin integrates the rich knowledge from the TLC podcast into his daily legal battles to better serve his clients and uphold justice.

    Human Connection with Hilary Hammell Join us as Hilary Hammell, a dedicated plaintiff-side employment lawyer and two-time attendee of the Trial Skills Foundation, shares her compelling journey into employment law. Starting with her early experiences working alongside laborers in Yakima, Washington, Hilary delves into the profound impact of advocating for workers' rights. She explores how helping laborers speak out against unfair employers and poor work conditions has not only changed their lives but also restored their dignity. Tune in to discover how Hilary's commitment to justice and human connection drives her legal practice.

    Tied to the Soul with Michael Bristow Michael Bristow recounts his recent journey at a Trial Lawyers College event in Tulsa, OK, illuminating the profound impact of storytelling through music and sound. He reflects on the emotional resonance and universal connection these elements foster, underscoring their ability to unite us all.

    Humanity with Dustin Collier Dustin Collier, a recent participant in a Trial Skills event, shares insights from his inaugural experience at the Trial Lawyers College, contrasting it with previous Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events he’s attended.

    A Day in the Life with Brian McCallister Brian McCallister returns to go over some of the methods he used for a recent trial victory. Brian describes, in vivid detail, his voir dire tactics as well as a video he recorded to share his client’s daily routine with jury members.

    You’re Next! with Kyra Blankenship Recent TLC attendee, Kyra Blankenship, describes her experience at the most recent Trial Lawyers College event Trial Skills Foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kyra details what it’s like to participate in psychodrama for the first time and how big of a role discovering the story is to represent someone and tell their story.

    Safety Zone with Savannah Rand Recent TLC graduate from the 2022, Savannah Rand, details a recent trial experience and how TLC methods helped open up the case before the trial and inside the courtroom. Savannah explains how effective and familiar vocabulary helped connect the jurors to the case and ultimately shaped their verdict.

    Solo with Brian McCallister Brian McCallister, TLC graduate from the class of 1995, details his recent solo trial case and his experience discovering the story and loving his client. Brian explains the peaks and valleys that come with trying a case solo; his first since 1999. “Even an old man can get a $1 million + verdict” - Rafe Foreman.

    Fighting Burnout with Carson Runge 2011 TLC graduate and faculty member since 2019, Carson Runge, discusses burnout and frequent paranoia with opposing council after long periods of practicing law. Carson explains how fighting insurance companies and changes with courtroom procedures since COVID have made the last 4 years some of the most difficult of his life. Further, Carson elaborates on how experiences with nature, closeness with family members, and the occasional yoga session keeps him grounded and helps him fight fatigue.

    Women's Retreat with Cyndy Short Cyndy Short- 1994 graduate and former board member of the Trial Lawyers College, Cyndy Short, explains the importance and reasons for TLC having a Women’s Regional Seminar. Cyndy details the experiences from last year’s seminar while highlighting some of the staff included in this year's Women’s Regional Seminar at Scarritt Bennett in Nashville, TN on February 22-25, 2024.

    Balance with Zulfikar Wafai Welcome to the TLC Podcast Zulfikar Wafai, Rafe Foreman’s first intern in 2011 and public defender in Golden, Colorado. Zulfikar discusses his firm stances on work life balance and how being the best version of himself, personally and professionally, creates the environment to thrive.

    Bigger and Better with Becky Barlow Introducing Becky Barlow, graduate of Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, as she takes on the mantle of Executive Director of the Trial Lawyers College. Listen as Rafe extends a welcome from the TLC tribe to Becky as we hear about her law career journey.

    Emotionally Open with Carlos Concepcion Trial Lawyer and Law Professor at American International Law School in Puerto Rico, Carlos Concepcion, details his experience as host for the recent Trial Lawyers College case consult in Puerto Rico. Carlos goes deep into the processes starting at the warm up, all the way to identifying the villain.

    A Giving Tribe with Jason Sosa 2017 graduate and faculty member, Jason Sosa, describes his recent transition from criminal defense to more civil trial work. Jason elaborates on how supportive and giving the Trial Lawyers College tribe is; also, a recent case consult purchased through TLC fundraising.

    Emotional Impact with Matthew Sahag 2023 TLC graduate Matthew Sahag from Des Moines, Iowa, shares his experience with a recent case consult in Puerto Rico purchased through TLC fundraising. Matthew details his journey that lead to the Trial Lawyers College and how the methods he’s learned there have shaped his practice.

    TLC Case Consult for Matthew Sahag in Puerto Rico Matt Sahag meets with Rafe Foreman, Paula Estefan, Ron Estefan, and Susan Hutchison in Puerto Rico for a TLC auctioned case consult. Carlos Conception hosted the group where they discussed the importance and impact of digging into the story and connections about Matt's case. Listen as the group performing the consult breaks down the process and the highlight moments they experienced.

    Tribal Update with Rafe Foreman TLC Podcast host, Rafe Foreman, gives an invitation regarding podcast guest appearances, TLC board membership and permanent TLC location importance. Rafe offers information and guidance regarding the improvement of the health of the Trial Lawyers College.

    Being Real with Bret Merkle 2000.2 TLC graduate, Bret Merkle, talks to us about being real and connecting with emotions that motivate behavior. Bret goes over his story of finding purpose in focusing on others and finding joy with the goal of staying there.

    Sympathetic Experiences with Brecken Wagner Brecken Wagner, 2016 TLC graduate, expounds on the criminal law system in Oklahoma and its tribal courts. Brecken explains the recent Supreme Court decision that has created new tribal courts, starting proceedings, and creating laws for the first time.


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