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Cyndy Short's Legal Career and Expertise

Cyndy's legal journey is nothing short of impressive. With over 30 years of experience, she has become a distinguished criminal defense attorney, particularly in the challenging area of capital litigation. Her dedication and expertise have helped her clients avoid the death penalty, a testament to her unwavering commitment to justice. Cyndy's career took a pivotal turn when she became a graduate of the first class of the Trial Lawyers College in 1994, a decision that would reshape her approach to practicing law.

The Influence of Trial Lawyers College (TLC)

Cyndy credits TLC with transforming her perspective on the legal profession, empowering her to practice law on her terms and granting her the confidence to tell her clients' stories effectively, which has been instrumental in strengthening her attorney-client relationships and advocating for justice. TLC allowed her to practice law in her own words, giving her the self-confidence to be the passionate support her clients required. One of the critical elements of the TLC experience is psychodrama, a unique approach that helps lawyers understand themselves and their clients better. This deep self-awareness practice has been instrumental in strengthening attorney-client relationships and advocating for justice.

2023 - Year of the first TLC Seminar for Women Trial Lawyers 

For years, Cyndy harbored a dream: to create a program within TLC designed explicitly for female lawyers. She recognized the need for a safe and supportive environment where women could address the unique challenges they face in the legal world. In 2023, this dream became a reality when TLC introduced its inaugural Women’s Trial Skill Seminar in Santa Fe, NM. The program brought together women from diverse legal backgrounds, fostering an environment of sharing, growth, and empowerment.

Details of the Upcoming 2nd Annual Women’s Seminar

Exciting news awaits women lawyers looking to enhance their trial skills and storytelling abilities. TLC will host an upcoming seminar, exclusively for female trial attorneys, in Nashville, Tennessee, from February 22 - 25, 2024. This program will focus on direct examination, a critical skill for trial lawyers and the cornerstone of compelling storytelling. Whether in criminal defense, civil litigation, or any legal field, this program promises to sharpen your advocacy skills.

Cyndy Short's journey as an attorney is a testament to the transformative power of Trial Lawyers College. Her dedication to justice and commitment to empowering women in law are inspiring. As we look forward to the upcoming program for women lawyers, let's celebrate the progress in fostering a more inclusive legal profession and embrace the opportunities. See you in Nashville!

Are you a woman lawyer seeking to strengthen your trial skills and storytelling prowess? Don't miss this incredible opportunity! Join Trial Lawyers College in Nashville this February and be part of a supportive community dedicated to empowering women in the legal profession. Register for the program today and take the next step in your legal journey. Visit to learn more and secure your spot.

Trial Lawyers College
January 12, 2024

Meet Cyndy Short, Faculty Co-Leader for the TLC Women’s Regional Seminar in Nashville, TN on Feb 22-25, 2024 and a seasoned attorney based in Kansas City, Missouri, with a remarkable career specializing in criminal defense and capital litigation. Her journey in the legal world includes significant milestones and achievements, including her active involvement with Trial Lawyers College (TLC). In this article, we'll delve into Cyndy's inspiring story and explore the transformative impact of TLC on her legal career. We'll also introduce an exciting opportunity for women lawyers to enhance their trial skills and storytelling abilities through an upcoming program hosted by TLC with Cyndy as one of its primary teachers.

Trial Lawyers College
January 16, 2024

Picture this: a legal world where courtroom battles aren't just about winning or losing but also include personal growth and transformation, for clients, lawyers and judges alike. It's a world where attorneys become skilled advocates and profoundly change their lives as individuals as well as the lives of their clients. Welcome to the Trial Lawyers College, where the art of trial law is redefined. In this article, we'll take you on an engaging journey through the remarkable experiences of John Sloan, President of the Trial Lawyers College, and show you how his transformative journey can inspire and empower you in your legal career.

Trial Lawyers College
January 9, 2024

In the world of legal practice, there exists an extraordinary organization that not only imparts legal skills, but also witnesses a profound metamorphosis in its students. This place is the original Trial Lawyers College, where attorneys for 30 years have learned to discover and practice the art of trial law in its purest form. Today, 30 years after TLC held its first 4-week College Program, we embark on a reflective journey through the eyes of John Sloan, Plaintiff Trial Lawyer in Longview, TX and President of the Trial Lawyers College. John reflects on the transformative power of TLC and how it profoundly altered his career, his life, and his approach to the law.