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Are you a trial lawyer looking to take your courtroom performance to the next level? Picture yourself confidently orchestrating every aspect of your case presentation, just like a seasoned director crafts a masterpiece. Imagine seamlessly navigating group dynamics, not just with clients but also within the courtroom. Envision captivating jurors on a deeper emotional level through powerful psychodrama techniques. It might seem like a distant aspiration, but with Graduate Course 1, it's an attainable reality.

In this article, we'll take you on a journey into the transformative world of Graduate Course 1—a program that has continuously evolved since its inception in September 2013. We'll explore its core components, discuss why honing your trial lawyer skills is pivotal, and unveil an exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the field's finest, Jacqui Ford. As we guide you through this adventure, we'll share insights that could be a game-changer for your legal career.

What is Graduate Course 1?

Graduate Course 1 is not your typical legal training program; it serves as a captivating narrative director. It's a dynamic powerhouse crafted to empower trial lawyers with psychodrama and storytelling techniques. Imagine being equipped with the tools to craft compelling narratives and steer courtroom proceedings with the precision of a director. Graduate Course 1 is all about refining your directing skills, making you the master of your legal stage.

Key Highlights of Graduate Course 1

As Jacqui Ford, a dedicated faculty member and alumna of Graduate Course 1, beautifully puts it, this program offers a toolkit that includes:

Director's Focus: In the courtroom, you're not just an attorney but also the director of a captivating narrative. Graduate Course 1 in 2023 is designed to enhance your ability to present your case with all elements in perfect harmony.

Small Group Dynamics: Graduate Course 1 takes you on a journey from self-direction to leading clients and mastering courtroom dynamics. It's about becoming a conductor of group dynamics.

Psychodrama Methods: The program equips you with methods like doubling, chair backing, and scene setting. These tools enable you to forge deep emotional connections with jurors, bringing your case to life in a way that mere words cannot.

Practical Application: The beauty of Graduate Course 1 is that it extends beyond the courtroom. These skills will make you a better lawyer, a more effective communicator, and a conflict resolver in all aspects of life.

Why Graduate Course 1 Matters

Why should you consider enrolling in Graduate Course 1? Jacqui Ford aptly states, "The ability to tell compelling stories and manage courtroom dynamics is invaluable." Here's why this program is a game-changer:

Elevate Your Storytelling Abilities: Graduate Course 1 will transform you into a masterful storyteller, ensuring your courtroom presentations have a lasting impact.

Seamlessly Manage Courtroom Dynamics: Flawless courtroom management is vital for a successful trial experience, and Graduate Course 1 equips you with this crucial skill.

Deepen Your Knowledge: Delve into the world of psychodrama tool and their practical applications, enhancing your ability to connect profoundly with jurors.

Improve Your Personal and Professional Life: Graduate Course 1 doesn't stop at the courtroom; these skills will enhance your communication and conflict resolution abilities in all aspects of life.

Exclusive Opportunity: Graduate Course 1 with Jacqui Ford

But there's more! Registering for Graduate Course 1 gives you exclusive access to a transformative learning experience led by Jacqui Ford. Jacqui, an alumna and dedicated faculty member, brings knowledge and insights to help you take your legal expertise to the next level.

How to Explore Graduate Course 1 and Secure Exclusive Access

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Head to to discover how Graduate Course 1 can elevate your trial lawyer career. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from Jacqui Ford and become a master of the courtroom.


Graduate Course 1 isn't just a program; it's a path to becoming a top-notch trial lawyer. As Jacqui Ford reminds us, "The ability to tell compelling stories and manage courtroom dynamics is an invaluable asset." Take advantage of this opportunity to hone your skills, make a lasting impact in the courtroom, and gain exclusive access to Graduate Course 1 with Jacqui Ford.

Would you be ready to elevate your trial lawyer skills? Dive into the world of Graduate Course I today and secure your spot in this transformative program. Visit for more information and registration details.

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