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118 Laurie Goodman Headshot

“If the cancer is a wake-up call to spend the rest of my life—however long I have—to live a life with more quality and being more genuine, I’m not thinking that’s too unfair.”  This episode of the TLC Podcast features Laurie Goodman, the beloved executive director of the Trial Lawyers College, who speaks with host […]


November 5, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 118: Laurie Goodman on Cancer, Chronic Illness, and Choice

117 Pat Montes Headshot

“We are in a different mindset than our clients are. Even that is a barrier because, at that point, we don’t see the context where our client comes from.”  This week’s TLC podcast features trial lawyer Pat Montes, who offers a thought-provoking look at how language and culture impact a lawyer’s relationships with their clients. […]


September 24, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 117: Pat Montes on Language & Culture in Attorney-Client Relationships

116 Emily Fisher headshot

“There are people who do bad things, but I’ve never met anybody who I felt was just a bad person.” Continuing our series on ‘Reconstructing Success,’ California Public Defender Emily Fisher explores the ways that trial lawyers can intentionally improve injustices and inefficiencies in the justice system. As she guides listeners through her blueprint to […]


September 16, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 116: Emily Fisher’s Five Steps to Reconstructing Success in the Justice System

115 Scott Glovsky Headshot

“When we tell good stories, the listeners engage.” This week, host Rafe Foreman meets with accomplished civil trial lawyer Scott Glovsky to explore his methods of successfully conveying the emotion behind his clients’ stories to the jury. A passionate advocate for individuals who’ve faced unjust denials by their health insurance companies, Scott delves into the […]


September 16, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 115: Scott Glovsky on Effective Storytelling

114 Keeley Blanchard Headshot

“There are so many people who have incredible talents that are going to waste because they’ve been excluded. It’s not hard to find if you just open your eyes….and when we see it, we need to use our position of power and privilege in the groups and organizations that we’re leading to elevate that talent […]


August 3, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 114: Keeley Blanchard on Inclusivity in the Legal Community

113 Sloan Hutchison Foreman headshots

 John Sloan hosts the TLC Podcast this week to interview Rafe Foreman and partner attorney Susan Hutchison on the incredible verdict the two trial lawyers won in a groundbreaking and unconventional gender discrimination case. Listen along as Rafe and Susan describe how they successfully conveyed their 72-year-old client’s story to the jury after a […]


July 27, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 113: Rafe Foreman and Susan Hutchison’s Incredible Gender Discrimination Verdict, Hosted by John Sloan

112 Connie Henderson Headshot

“Everything I need to know I learned in psychodrama. I remind myself to listen with my heart, tune into the emotions — not just the words — be open, be honest, and be kind because we have more in common than we’ll ever know…and to be fearless because no matter how alone we’re feeling, we […]


July 20, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 112: Why TLC Is Worth Fighting For With Connie Taylor Henderson

111 Mark Wagner Headshot

 “Do something to make someone else’s day better. If we all do that, every day, we’ll change the world.” This week, Washington attorney Mark Wagner continues our ‘Restructuring Success’ series with a refreshing take on the true meaning of success. Channeling the core message of the Trial Lawyers College, Mark argues that success is […]


July 13, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 111: Mark Wagner on Loving Others

110 Cambry McNabb headshot

“Success is really subjective, and I think that’s okay. The only thing that I need to do to live truthfully is to define the things that are important to me and let the rest burn. What’s scarier — disappointing people or thinking, at the end of the day, what kind of life could I have […]


July 7, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 110: Redefining Success With Cambry McNabb

eric fong headshot

 “The storytelling potential in this case was off the charts because of the lengths the defense was going to go to to avoid the truth.” In this podcast, Eric Fong joins host Rafe Foreman to share, in captivating detail, the extraordinary story of how he and his client defied all odds to obtain a […]


July 2, 2021

TLC Podcast Episode 109: Eric Fong on the Remarkable $91 Million Verdict Won for His Injured Client