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Appellate Support Team

Trial Lawyers College is pleased to announce the creation of a new service to help alums identify issues for appeal, prepare the record and represent their clients on appeal. A team of Warriors who practice in the state and federal courts, in civil and criminal cases, is now available to assist you in continuing your connection and service to your client — and in improving the state of the law for all — during appeal.  


Alumni Board

The Trial Lawyers College is a community of like-minded trial lawyers who join together to learn and practice the innovative TLC methods by doing, not suffering through endless lectures. Along the way, connections are made and friendships are forged that will reward you in ways you can only imagine. The F Warrior Alumni Board works throughout the year to keep the TLC tribe together, connected, and supporting one-another.


Local Working Groups

The F Warrior Alumni convene voluntary monthly “Local Working Group Sessions” with fellow alumni and interested lawyers as a means to continue working together to practice applying the TLC methods to case preparation and delivery. To join your local working group, contact the alum contact in your region today.


Student Resources

In addition to its seminars, Trial Lawyers College™️ offers a number of restricted resources to students who have attended at least one TLC seminar. These resources are listed in the drop-down menu once you have an account and are logged onto the site. You can log-in as a returning student, or create an account as a new student, in the upper right-hand corner.

If you have attended a TLC seminar and cannot access the restricted pages, please email: We will respond within 24 hours.

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