Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, please send an inquiry to Financial aid is awarded based on need only and includes both interest-free monthly payment plans (up to 3 months) and/or scholarships from our Scholarship Fund which is made up by contributions from fellow alumni who chose to “pay it forward” to help others attend TLC until they are in a position to “pay it forward” for another student. We rely on the annual income information and the reported special circumstances supplied on the registration or application form to make a decision on financial aid.  

How do I apply for a scholarship and how does TLC decide who receives assistance? 

Financial aid should be requested at the time you submit your registration or application. A financial aid package will be granted within 5 days of receipt of your final registration (or acceptance of our invite to join the 3-Week College.)

What is the deadline to apply for financial aid?



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No. There is no disadvantage whatsoever in the registration process for financial aid applicants. Requests for financial aid are confidential and are not considered during the registration or application selection process.  

Will applying for financial aid hurt my chance of being admitted to a course?

Not necessarily. Your financial situation may change. The balance in TLC’s Scholarship Fund will change. Overall demand for scholarships will affect how generous we can be to each individual student as we strive to assist all who are in need. TLC will work with each student on an as-need basis for that individual course, striving to be fair and to assist as many students in need as possible. 

Will I receive the same amount of financial aid for every course I take?

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