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A better way to learn

Taught by accomplished faculty teams of TLC-trained experienced trial attorneys as well as psychodramatists and communication experts. These courses are “hands-on” experiences. Students will learn TLC methods by doing, not suffering through endless lectures. If you want more general information about TLC and our courses, please click here.

“The best legal education course I have ever taken – wildly different from anything else being taught.”

– TLC course attendee


Financial Aid

TLC's Financial Aid consists of both interest-free payment plans up to 3-months as well as Scholarships. Due to the extreme generosity of many donors, the Trial Lawyers College has given thousands of scholarships to deserving students over the years. We treat the TLC Scholarship Fund as a ‘Pay It Forward’ program, hoping that donors who are able to ‘Pay it Forward’ to ensure another student can learn from TLC, and when that student is able, they will ‘Pay it Forward’ to another student in need, and on and on. It is a special honor for a donor to enable a fellow trial lawyer to experience the magic of TLC, and an added bonus to hope that eventually that gift will be passed along yet again. Scholarships are available based on financial need and may be requested during the registration process for any course.


All courses provided by the Trial Lawyers College are CLE accredited by the state in which the course is held. Before you register for a course, check with your State Bar(s) on their reporting requirements. We only provide CLE paperwork after the course has been completed. For Links to course evaluations, email Admin@triallawyerscollege.org.

TLC interns are welcome to sit in on all classes and participate fully in our training sessions. In return, they are expected to assist with various tasks to assist TLC Administration. 

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CLE Credits


All in-person programs will be conducted in compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for COVID-19 to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of participants and their family members. In addition, proof of full vaccination (2 weeks after the last dose of vaccine before attending the course) will be required for all students attending TLC’s in-person programs in 2023. We respect those who do not choose to be vaccinated and encourage attendance at one of our Virtual Seminars instead.

COVID And Its Variants Considerations