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“I feel grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this case. I love the underdog role. It really motivates me. This was the ultimate underdog story. We represented a working class mom (Jennifer) and her three minor children who were devastated from a crash with a Werner 18-wheeler. We were going up against one […]


October 19, 2018

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1996 TLC Graduate and Faculty Member, K.O. Berger was awarded the Julie H. McFarlane Lifetime Achievement Award for Juvenile Advocacy on April 20, 2018, in Newport, Oregon for her impressive longstanding juvenile advocacy casework. ‘K.O. has represented juveniles since 1990. No case — and no kid — scares K.O. away. She works tirelessly for her […]


September 13, 2018

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About a month after Natalya’s case was dismissed, her body was found as a result of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound. This blog post is dedicated to the life of Natalya Deville and her family. “In December 2017, I was burned out. I planned on taking some time off during the holiday season to rest […]


August 16, 2018

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“When we believe our client is honest, we’re looking for a reason why the complaining witness would necessarily lie, misrepresent the truth, or just be wrong. Basically, we came up with a variety of possible reasons, but we couldn’t nail anything down at the beginning of discovery. Although, we did discover an interesting conversation between […]


August 9, 2018

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Cheryl Carpenter was Dennis Whittie’s trial skills adjunct professor at Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley School of Law where she quickly became Dennis’ long-standing mentor to law and specifically, the Trial Lawyers College methods. “Cheryl gave me my lowest grade in the class for my cross-examination because I came up very hard on the […]


July 19, 2018

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Trial lawyers can graduate from the Trial Lawyers College through its 3-week program, or by attending 7 Regional Seminars on each trial skill. Each path has different pros and cons for the individual lawyer, but either way, graduates emerge as better advocates for their clients, better human beings, and better prepared to WIN their next […]


July 12, 2018

border patrol

The Trial Lawyers College condemns the policy of The Trump Administration in the criminal arrest of adults at our borders who are seeking political asylum, resulting in the automatic and forced separation from their minor children. We also condemn the automatic and forced separation of children from their parents who have been charged with a […]


July 9, 2018

Greg Westfall

“This year, I’d love to see some personal growth in the ability to look at another persons’ circumstances. If you have a particular attitude about race, can you make room for the possibility that someone else has a different attitude and allow yourself to actually listen to it? Having empathy for someone that maybe you […]


June 14, 2018

“To see some good done to address government corruption, sexual harassment, hostile work environments, and retaliation feels great! TLC tools, persons, and sharings, gave me a lot of confidence to win justice for my deserving client. Role reversing worked over and over again.” – John Shepardson, TLC-2 ‘11 TLC Graduate John Shepardson, an attorney in Los Gatos, California, was […]


June 7, 2018

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TLC’s Psychodrama for Lawyers 1-Week Program is less than one month away, June 5-11, 2018. Faculty members Chris Trundy and Leigh Johnson are Co-Leading this course and they provided some insight into their preparation, organization, and importance of the program. The Trial Lawyers College believes psychodrama is a foundational element of the TLC Methods taught […]


May 10, 2018